Standley Brothers Machine Co., Inc

In 1956, they expanded by opening up a small job shop in Beverly, Massachusetts. After many years of hard work and building a foundation for the company, the brothers passed on the business to their sons.

Standley Bros. business is primarily the production of precision parts for leading manufacturers in the semi-conductor, bomb detection, oil & gas exploration, and electronics industries.


The employees and management of Standley Bros. are committed to improving its position as a recognized contributor in the machining industry. We feel that our recognition relies on the continued success and satisfaction of our customers.

Standley Bros. will maintain and continuously improve the manufacturing process to yield production in the most efficient, economical method possible without sacrifice to quality, time or any other customer expectations. Quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction are most important when it comes to our customers. We will stress on prevention and detection to ensure satisfaction.

Our people are the key to achieving our goals. We are devoted to continuing their growth by giving necessary training, tools, and responsibility to perform their job. Management will help emphasize the success of our goals to the employees whose skills, knowledge, and attitudes reflect the meaning of Standley Bros. Machine Company.


Standley Bros. will be an industry leader, establishing a direct relationship with a clear customer base. Our product and services will be traceable by ISO procedures, allowing monitoring and measuring of key processes. We will adhere to all regulatory requirements set forth by ISO and other governmental organizations.

In the future we will strive to maintain our place in this industry by searching for and utilizing the best technology available. SBM will be recognized as a valuable manufacturing vehicle surpassing key customer objectives. We thrive to be bigger and better!


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